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Section XXXI - The Bhairava Speaks

The Bhairava said,

You are going through the Jivamala, purifying lives with curses and serious problems, and now learning from lives that were innocent, artistic, and serious. The writing of lost teachings is a worthy goal for any life, and something that you should do later on in this one.

Your karma is being worn away slowly. You have already accomplished a great deal. You have gotten rid of curses, which is very important. You have found the origin of the conditions of many of your births: of gender, of the anger of demons and ghosts, and of your relationship with deities of the Vajrayana pantheon.

Souls are anchored by karmic glue - like rubber cement. Within the glue are loaded memories, and passages to other lives. In exceptional situations, the soul separates from the body and is free to travel, while the glue stays with the body. But the glue keeps thin threads and these draw you back.

Another life awaits.

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