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The Lives of Spiritual Weakness

Below is a group of past life biographies. In addition to biographical information, these stories also contain descriptions of the Bhairava's actions to free the past personalities from their pain and imprisonment. The set of lives that follow are samples of the past lives that were reviewed. There were a number of other past life biographies that are not listed below.

The biographies describe the highlights of each past life, some lessons that were learned during that life, and the process of freeing each past personality from his or her bondage in the afterlife.

The first life below is unusual because it is an introductory life recounted by the Bhairava, and contains no commentary, and no information about the state of the jiva in the afterlife. The rest of the lives are described by the past personalities, and contain additional information on the state of the jivas in the afterlife.

These are the lives of weakness and pain where the personalities or jivas are bound to the passions of their former lives in the afterlife, and seek release.

Rasa - The Life of a Shiva Devotee  (India)

Kira - The Life of an Abused and Vengeful Shamaness  (Southeast Asia)      

Meagan - The Life of a Persecuted Healer  (England)            

Arles - The Life of a Rebellious Warrior  (Gaul/Medieval France)    

Name Unknown - The Life of an Ambitious Merchant   (North Africa)  

Lita - The Life of an Avenging Warrior   (Location Unknown)      

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