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Arles - The Black Warrior

This is the life of Arles who made a bargain with a powerful entity in order to gain strength during life. Because of his ignorance of the contractual nature of the psychic world, he gained security and confidence during life without understanding the cost. As a result of the bargain, he gained a miserable afterlife of enslavement which he did not expect.

Section One -The Life of Arles

I will not be romanticized. I will not be made a child. I will speak.

I am a warrior of Gaul. I am trapped in a hell. I do not know who you are, but you are the first person I have sensed in decades, centuries, millennia.

I have killed for my people, and for food, and to live. I have killed on the battlefield, and in the forests. Until a coward slew me with a knife from behind, all men feared me.

I live in the valley of death, the valley of bones. The lakes are black under a gray moon. I have eaten the heart of my rival, who was once my friend. He tried to kill me but I broke his neck.

I was born in poverty. My older brothers grabbed food away from me when I was young, and I learned to fight for it early. It was cold and rocky where we lived, and the land grew little. I was a hunter from the time I could walk. I could hunt all day and all night. I could be as still as a rock, and kill a stag with my bare hands.

I worshiped a dark and angry god, but he was good for me. He gave me strength, and I gave him my soul. He said I could kill all beasts that challenged me until the end of my life. He could not make me live forever. He asked only for the light inside of me when I died, to light his dark world. I agreed.

I did not know that this meant that I would be imprisoned forever. I must stay in this dark grim place with no escape.

I never became a chieftain. I acted on my own, and lived freely, beyond the orders of men. Men always bound people, telling them what to do, and what not to do. Stupid things, [such as] give blood, pour water over rocks, sacrifice the best parts of animals to invisible gods. My lord betrayed me, but he gave me power while I was alive. He made me strong, and took away my hesitation. I could kill without blinking, or feeling sorry.

I seek escape. I cannot see you, or my body. It is like I have been trapped in a nightmare forever. The Dark Lord sometimes comes glowing in the dark, like a horse galloping, sneering. He laughs at me. But he has said that one will come to visit, and my bonds will be changed.

Is that you? I do not wish to stay here. I am a hunter. I belong in the world.

Section Two -The Bhairava Speaks

Your Dark Lord is safely put away - imprisoned in a dark cave, as he has imprisoned so many other souls. He really does not have the ability to distinguish spiritual potential in souls. He simply imprisons every soul he can get his hands on, and waits until some evolving spirit tries to free it. Then he is in his element - wheedling and blackmailing.

I put him away for your sake, but really it is a favor to the universe. This is a being who is a danger to all he encounters, and he should not be free. He is the equivalent of a sadist or child molester in your culture.

He has whined to me a thousand times about how he will never imprison a soul again - just let him keep he ones he has. It is disgusting. Does he not realize that the duty of a Bhairava is to free souls? How could he think that I would support such a corrupting of karma?

He does still have control over many souls that he has imprisoned - the karmic ties are his. I cannot free them. But I can give him a taste of his own medicine, and he does not like it one bit. He is trying to think of every strategy ever used [to get free].

In the past, you were ignorant, and beings took advantage of you. Now you must be strong, and avoid such situations.

Section Three - The Bhairava Frees the Soul of Arles and Others

I have spoken with your Dark Lord. He cannot tolerate imprisonment. He has agreed to free your soul, as well as the many other souls he has imprisoned. In return, I have agreed to give him an incarnation of his choosing, providing that it fits his karma (which actually narrows the field quite a bit). He has asked to be a sultan in the asura worlds, surrounded by slaves, and with a large harem. He will be happy in the power realms, as are all demons. Assuming that you wish no further communication with him, I shall sever all ties between you.

Section Four - The Bhairava Comments on Arles' New Life

Arles has adjusted well to his new situation. Most of his past memories have faded. I transfer lives to a time when they are somewhat mature, so that they may know that I have kept our agreement, and that they really do have a new and more positive life. If I turned them into babies, they would not know that they have a better situation - the ability to comprehend would disappear.

According to myth, it was in the first watch of the night that the Buddha learned of all his past lives. Really, it is a much longer process, involving years of meditation and struggle. Nobody could go through all of his or her struggles in a few hours, even if the lives were all positive ones. There is just too much information to integrate.

As you go through past lives, images and people from the past will rise in the mind. Learn from them, and let them go. All are involved with the karma which you must observe, absorb, and leave behind.

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