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Section XLIV - The Bhairava Speaks of the Past Life

In the past life that you have seen, the splintering that occurred came from your spirit. A part of you was free, and a part of you was bound. It is the noose of the Jivamala that bound you - the karmic ropes of obligation to past lives.

Usually, the split in past lives is not a great loss - it is generally associated with misfortune and curses. Here, however, it takes spirit away that you must recover.

In each life there are things to learn. In this life, you discovered your potential for religious devotion. You have already learned about your weaknesses. These lives show a rainbow of emotional and mental tendencies - you get to see how you would act if you found yourself in these situations.

Here, the spirit of the devotee merges with the light of the god - there is no purgatorial time needed, and no necessity for entry into the asura worlds

There are still some lives on the Jivamala. It is time to start another past life.

This ends the life of Bhairavanath.

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