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Section XXX - Vajra Dakini Speaks Of Chen Ma

Vajra Dakini said,

Chen Ma died, and was respected by her convent. She was born poor and unwanted, but her special skills gave her a valuable and esteemed role. After her death, she came with me, and is here still. You will not need to rescue her.

You remember her because you are purifying your lives. She has emerged not because of bad karma, but because of her role. The teachings have indeed been lost, in the marching of centuries of conquerors over the mountains. You are the later life with the ability to write them anew.

This practice is not simply Buddhist, hiding behind denominational lines. It is the path of the universe, of spirit, of light, of vast emptiness, and freedom, and infinite beauty.

Yes, you are blind now. It is your curse, for your past deeds. You cannot see the worlds of spirit except under unusual circumstances. But even in this life, you have separated your soul from its karmic connections, and had brief glimpses of freedom. Your glimpses of the spirit will increase as your karma is purified.

This will take a long time. The bhairava is working up from the very bottom. Your conscious mind is far away and will not be able to perceive this. Life will go on but it is changing invisibly.

The pain of your past in this life will still emerge - you will need purification here too, though you have been more sinned against. You are still haunted by the ghost of your mother who hated you, and secretly hates you still. But time will wear this away, as it does all things. Your ghosts will erode, as water erodes rocks, into pebbles, and sand, and then salt.

I will be with you as guide and friend. Besides making enemies in other lives, you have also made friends. But the sheer weight of bad karma has kept them from you, except in distant and disguised form. Over time, you will meet them.

It is your intentions that count, whether other people appreciate them or not.

The Jivamala will continue.

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